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Mother’s Day Magic at Chanel’s Boutique #PopUpStore

Illustrator Jo Bird has been hand sketching customer’s gift cards from Chanel’s Boutique PopUp Store in Covent Garden for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Magic at Chanel's Boutique #PopUpStore

We think it’s a lovely touch for the brand to personalise your gifts and a perfect way to make your loved ones feel extra special. Kudos Chanel.

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Dan goes back to UNI

dan goes back to uni

Our head of new business, Dan, was asked to go and talk to the undergrad students of Derby University about what’s happening in the creative business at this point in time. He has kindly shared his experience and looks forward to returning next year to check in on the students.

Mother’s Day Illustration for Time Out

Hannah Warren has created this editorial illustration for TimeOut Magazine’s feature on Mother’s Day activity.

mother's day illustration for time out

We asked her a couple of questions about the commission…
Hannah this is a lovely illustration for an important date in the calendar. So what was your brief?
“My brief was to capture the character of five different types of mum to go with a feature on Mother’s Day. The five types I was going for were Fussy, Frugal, Active, Knackered and Grateful…”

Which tools and techniques did you use to create this illustration?
“Well, I thought of real mums I know (including my own) and sketched out immediate ideas that would show their personalities. I find basing characters on real people helps me define a character style a lot…Continue Reading

Creative Review feature #Futures

Creative Review featured our #Futures illustrators on their blog and newsletter this week!

creative review feature #futures

It was a lovely way for us to launch Joe Waldron who is our latest addition to the roster also. We love Joe’s bright, colourful and angular characters!

Joe studied at Bristol UWE, he loves to play with shapes and compositions and to unfold the art of telling a story visually. He finds creative influence from his own life experiences and looks to create movement that incorporates feelings of optimism and nostalgia within his illustration work.

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The Daily Drumbeat

Job, Joris & Marieke animate another tune from Happy Camper!

The Daily Drumbeat

Job, Joris & Marieke created the animation with a dark and sinister edge, echoing The Daily Drumbeat‘s dark undertone. Set on the rooftops of an urban cityscape, a group of innocent creatures are trying to keep up the pace of a fatal game… Watch it here.

#CreativeSocialpresents: By Day by Night

Charlotte headed to #CreativeSocialpresents: By Day by Night to find out how people who work in the creative industry can explore their creativity and passions beyond office hours.

#creativesocialpresents: by day by night

Click here to read her review of the evening.


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