jelly need a runner!

Keen As Mustard? If you’re full of energy and desperate for a break in the media business then we might have just the thing for you.

jelly, London’s fast-growing creative collective is looking for an intern to fetch and carry for us.

We are rushed off our feet producing some of London’s finest finished illustration and motion projects and we need some super-fast feet to run around for us.

As we’re little, we can only pay your expenses but you’ll have lots of fun and you won’t be bored – we promise!

Email us with your CV at if you’re interested – and buy yourself some skates, you’ll need them.

3 thoughts on “jelly need a runner!

  1. jelly hello!

    thank you to everyone who has applied for this position in the last few weeks.

    we have now selected our chosen runner; we will be reviewing any new applicants in the New Year – so if you’re still interested in working for jelly, please continue to send your CVs in for us to look at!

    thank you again,

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