jelly’s contribution to national poetry day

jelly good afternoon! We’ve been having a try at poetry in the office today to celebrate national poetry day… have a look at some of our attempts!!

For Chelsie:

To my Chelsie,
What can I say?
Even with rhyme there is no easy way,
To say all the things,
I really do mean,
Like lovely and pretty,
A ladylike dream!

By Chris:

I must to go down to the seas again,
To the lonely sea and the sky,
I left my shoes and socks there,
I wonder if they’re dry?

By Michaela:

There was a young man from jelly,
Who liked his cheese rather smelly,
He travelled to Kent to test out their scent,
And returned with a right ol’ pork belly!

By Charlie:

DIE. DIE. DIE. said the man
HURT. HURT. HURT. Said the man
I died and I hurt.

and last but by no means least….

By Barney:

You’ve starched my sheets again
The yeasty love you hold for them
Is admirable but stop doing it.
It’s itchy.

You’ve put creases in my jeans once more
You’re crispy behavior, it appalls
You’ve even put creases in my smalls.
Stop doing it, stop doing it.

You’ve shrunk my woollen badgers face
It now resembles kinky lace
You obviously don’t like animals.
Even though your father was a butterfly.

I’m not using your services from now on
I’ll never look upon you’re twisted apron
you’re a smelly fat head.
And you don’t eat cod.

Now i’ll start doing it all myself
Even if i keep the smells
I look far worse, i’m no better off
At least i’m wearing happy cloth.

Tell us your thoughts!

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