Monday Snow Day – how the jelly team spent their day!

jelly good morning!!!

I don’t think there’s a single person who doesn’t know about yesterday’s freak weather encounter in the city. As sad as the jelly team were to not be able to make it into jelly towers (no, really! we were!)  for one reason or another (no bus/no train/too cold/love for snow/etc.) we all tried or darn hardest to make the best of a snowy situation.


Barney : decided to wrap up warm and wear a snow hat, before helping some local kids build an igloo in the park!


Chelsie: sought shelter in a phone booth until the snow subsided this morning…


Michaela: spent her day rolling around on the floor and being attacked by her friends with snowballs.


Dulcie: was led to believe that snow was infact rather warm, so received quite a fright when she went outside to play!


Charlie: was lazy and spent her day drinking cocktails infront of the TV! lucky!


Chris: actually became THE snowman – you

can tell by his ginger nose and Crystal Palace scarf!


Alison: created a life-like model of herself, that even her daugher believed it was her!

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