The jelly Collective is here!

Stop! Co-lab-o-rate and Listen! (vanilla ice 1990), sorry.

Well hello! jelly have come up with a super-fun co-working collaborative idea that might just tickle your creative bits. The jelly Collective is a platform from which jelly’s most talented and motivated members can advertise their artistic ambitions to London’s bedouin agency planners, producers and other transient creative talent stuck for fun stuff to do.

Just think of all those unrealised projects sitting in brain boxes, sketch books and note pads… We believe it be jelly-tastic to see those ideas come to life! How you ask? It’s easy!

Using our jelly forum, our artists pimp their thoughts/ideas/recipes to fellow users for immediate gratification, worship and envy.  Once an idea has been tossed, flossed and made generally beautiful, jelly help to promote the finished piece within the industry by showcasing it at festivals, exhibitions and any other suitable event or take off…

Are you as excited as we are? If you’d like more information, then please contact us on

Tell us your thoughts!

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