Sixsmith explores Manchester

jelly hello!


So, whilst Chris & Charlie have been out and about exploring the other side of the great pond, our Ms Sixsmith (AKA Chelsie or C**ty) decided to venture back to her home surroundings in the north of England. Her mission: to show our jelly babies’ beautiful illustration work to as many people as physically possible – that is, without walking around the city centre wearing a sandwich board!!

She ventured to TBWA, Iris, BJL and McCanns – all with the help of her chauffer (Mum) – before heading to her parent’s home for homemade hotpot and cherry crumble with custard. YUM!

The whole experience was really positive and jelly are looking forward to working with our Northern friends in the near future!

(P.S. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any pictures of Chelsie on her travels. However, we did find a really amusing picture of her as the statue of liberty – we love novelty holiday products, thanks Chris!)

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