We Miss Charlie


Some of you may know that our lovely Charlie has been on and off work for some time now with all sorts of ghastly ear, nose and throat problems.

Basically, she’s not been herself since last Autumn and has been in constant discomfort. Booo!!

Well, goddamn it all, we’d had enough!! We scraped all our jelly pennies together (OK OK, not really, she has insurance) and sent her off to some swanky Harley Street fighter-pilot-surgeon dude, who has hopefully drilled her some new sinuses (that actually work and don’t give her constant pain and an achy-face!).

Soooo, although she’s still at home recuperating from the operation, we hope to have her back soon firing on all cylinders because, well, we miss her, a lot.

Get well soon Charlie Face-Ache. We love you!

The Whole jelly Crew.

2 thoughts on “We Miss Charlie

  1. awwwwwww….. thanks guys… I have a tear in my eye…
    I will be trying my hardest to be back in and on top form tomorrow PROMISE!!

    Love you jelly crew!!


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