Barney chases rainbows in Miami


Recently, our Barney went on his annual excursion to South Beach, Miami…chasing rainbows.

Most of his life, Barney has lived in the clouds, woo-ing the rays of sun and frolicking with the high-soaring birds and sprites that dwell therein. Since he was young, he has been obsessed with catching rainbows. He now has a collection of thousands of rainbows which he keeps as pets, feeding them on pure thoughts and smiles, which keep them happy.

As you can see from his photo, this trip has proved a particular success and now Barney has the task of intergrating his “American rainbows” with the many other different and vibrant types he keeps. In order to catch them he has to first mesmerise them and then hypnotise them with fluid movements and coo-ing. When he has them rocking in ecstasy, he cuddles them and places them gently in a velvet box for their trip home.

The clothes you ask?

Well, it’s a little known fact that rainbows just love Don Johnson, of Miami Vice fame. Barney has adapted to this by using his shiny suit and rolled-up sleeves as bait to attract and placate these colourful, lively little beasts.

He was not visiting clients, honestly.

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