magazines <3 jelly london!

We’re really really super excited about us and our amazing artists being in the press this week:


a) Our jelly bean with a love for hand-jobs (-of the lettering nature, that is!), Alison Carmichael has landed herself a 4 page article in the current Creative Review; discussing everything from her self-promotional career, from the notorious ‘C**T poster’  to  ‘Exquisite Hand Jobs’ for the Creative Circle; and most recently, ‘Clean Me’.

computer-arts_blogb) As you all know, each month we release news on one of our artists in an “Artist of the Month” campaign.  Our March campaign for Steve Scott landed us some friendly attention from Julia at Computer Arts Projects!!  We’ve been given page 14 on our Artist of the Month campaign, including a HUGE illustration from our latest artist Steve Scott – what better way to introduce him to the industry?

So, go out there and buy Creative Review and Computer Arts Projects!!

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