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Good Morning!

jelly was approached by Leagas Delaney to re-create a famous Van Gogh painting with ‘a difference’ to support the Charity Art Against Knives.  As you can see, our in-house team had the interesting task of giving Van Gogh a new ear!!  Art Against Knives is holding an exhibition in order to raise money and draw attention to the growing number of stabbings occurring amongst youth.

A few details:

“Last year a student from Central St Martin’s was stabbed and left paralysed in an unprovoked attack in Shoreditch.

The night entitled ‘Art against Knives’ which will be held at Shoreditch house on the 5th May aims to raise as much publicity as possible about what has happened in the heart of our community by incorporating everything that Oliver loves in life. The plan is to hold an art exhibition and fund-raising auction compared by Jonny Woo. All of the artwork is going to be supplied by Art students from all over as well as various other well-known designers and artists such as Wolgang Tillmans and Vivienne Westwood. The support shown throughout the community has been amazing, as you can imagine it has had a direct impact on everyone that Oliver knew directly or indirectly.

The aim of this event is not only to support Oliver in everything he will need in the future, but also raise awareness in order to tackle a growing problem in our community. We are working closely with the Home Office and its campaigns, and the family is discussing the best way to tell Oli’s story with several national newspapers. This interest will only heighten as the full extent of Oli’s injuries become clear and the perpetrator’s sentencing takes place at the Old Bailey at the end of March.”

More information can be found here: Hackney Post

Added 29th April:

Unfortunately, we have just been informed that our artwork was not used for the campaign.  The lucky devils at Leagas Delaney managed to get their hand on the ORIGINAL Van Gogh painting image and add an ear.  How could we compare to that?  (Well, visually, not too badly! – if you fancy comparing for yourself, check out the Art Against Knives homepage)

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