Mine’s A Pint are BACK!


Aah yes, it’s that time of year again for the London Advertising Softball League.

Things weren’t looking too hopeful for a team this year, until we got our act together at the very last minute!  Mine’s A Pint for 2009 is made up of not only jelly and Three Blind Mice folks; we’ve got some lovely people from CHI, BLM, The Youth Conspiracy, Gallery Network, JPMH, Whole Hog Design and Adtec. Blimey!!

We’re hoping to get into the finals again like last year (see previous blog here) – that’s as long as the weather holds up and the beer doesn’t run out

If you’re around in Regent’s Park or Primrose Hill this summer, we recommend coming into the parks and watching us and all the other teams play!!

Tell us your thoughts!

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