Happy Birthday jelly weblog!

My gosh, it’s been a year since we started the jelly weblog!!  We hope you’ve enjoyed our antics and artwork!!

Some useless facts: In 12 months, we’ve posted 130 articles, received over 9000 hits and used around 1400 different tags. WOW! Our most viewed blog is our 50s-esque illustrations for FHM online; and our most viewed member of staff is Barney!! Our most searched-for artist is Neil Duerden, and a total of 42 people searched for ‘ginger’ to get to our blog… surprised?

The jelly team decided to pick a few of their favourite blogs from the past year:

happy birthday blog

Barney: “Mine would be Sim’s random and pointless animation “bigmouth.” I like it because I have a wall near my house that is covered the mouths of baby seahorses. They’re not intrusive and if you lean closer in they’ll give you a butterfly kiss…anywhere.”

Dulcie: “My favorite blog was the Fatville blog because I PRODUCED IT!!! Because it was a really good fun, interesting project to work on. Because McCanns were brilliant to work with. Because Karen’s character work is beautiful even when they are fat people!! Because it was a massive success. Because it is now the display window at McCann Erickson on 7-11 Herbrand Street…GO SEE IT!” (check it out)

Chelsie: “I like the Halloween one most, it was really exciting getting everyone’s entries in and they were all so creative (well, most of them were!) it was all the more fun when visiting agencies to see that there were jelly’s halloween blockheads sitting all over people’s desks! We’ll have to do it again this year!” (check it out)

Michaela: “I have 2 favourites; my first is Dan Mumford’s screen print session.  I love Dan’s style and have his screen printed artwork all over my apartment. My most favourite however, is on our press feature in Computer Arts Magazine for our Artist of the Month mailouts.  I spend hours on the blog and on our mailouts and it’s nice to have our hard work displayed this way!” (check it out)

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday jelly weblog!

  1. Bless ya Bernard me old fruit. ‘Random’ and ‘pointless’ are the names of my 3 unborn twins, which are due at the end of the month. I’m going for a water birth at 50 metres with helium and chocolate.

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