Brand Nu Competition!

v5 T-shirt

We mentioned last week that our resident design/illustration genius Radim (AKA Brand Nu), has recently revamped, redesigned and generally refurbished his awesome website:

To celebrate his all-round genius and the fact that he loves jelly so much, he has generously donated a handful of his limited-edition Tees for us to give away.

We’re running a competition to distribute them!:

If you’d like to win one please send us a photo of something you have in your office/on your desk/about your person that’s brand nu.  (Do you see what we did there?)

If you have anything that you’ve never ever ever used or is still in it’s original packaging, then send it to us and the best shots we receive will win a shirt.

We’ve taken some shots of things we found our office to use for inspiration:

fridge poetry plastic fork shot glasses t-shirt

Send your entries to  Don’t forget to include your address and shirt size!

Check out our flickr page for the latest entries!

Competition closes on the 29th July and the winner will be announced on the 31st!

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