Alison Carmichael woz ‘ere

clean me

She’s at it again! Alison Carmichael has just provided jelly with the first print, “Clean Me” of her latest self-promotion campaign entitled “Alison Carmichael woz ere”.

Award winning creative, Sean Doyle had a simple yet effective idea for a concept: Beautiful lettering in unexpected or surprising places. He handed this concept to Mark Denton to art direct, joined by hand-lettering artist Alison Carmichael and the photographic duo to put the idea into action!

This particular image was selected for its great subject matter and beautiful imagery from a long list of ideas. The location wass a car park overlooking the Olympic Village and London by night. The van itself was sprayed with dirt and then the artwork was projected onto the door and written in by finger. Very low tech!

A limited number of the A2 images have been printed by Argent Litho with a special UV gloss coating to be sent out as direct mail to creatives; The prints are finished off with a large unsubtle fluorescent arrow sticker reading “Alison Carmichael woz ere”. This feature will run through the campaign, and being a low tack sticker can easily be removed, should the recipient prefer the print without it on there.

Alison is pretty excited about releasing her work to the advertising and design world: ” I have a long standing working relationship with Mark Denton for creating self promotional pieces and it was really exciting to have so many incredibly talented people work on this one with me!”

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