Need some industry experience?


jelly hello!

We currently have the opportunity to offer some enthusiastic school/university leavers to help us around the office!  We have a list as long as our arms of promotion and in-house projects we need helping hands with.

What are we looking for?:

Bright, fun loving and enthusiastic youths who are up for anything!  Ideally with an interest in illustration, graphic design, animation, tv and/or advertising. Oh, and it helps to be street-wise and confident in London.

What are we offering?:

A short-term period with us at jelly towers, helping us with everything from press packs and jelly bags, to delivering the latest Alison Carmichael campaigns; photoshopping or working with after FX (if you already have experience); and of course, making tea & coffee!  We promise there’s never a dull moment with us jelly folk!

This position is unpaid.

If this sounds like something you want to do, get in touch!  Send a brief description about yourself and what you’d like to do, plus your CV and any contact details to

Looking forward to seeing some new faces!!

Added 31st July ’09:

Hello folks!

Thanks to the wonderful people at D&AD, we’ve had a HUGE response to our request for helping hands.  Our calendar is booked up to Christmas with work experience placements, which sadly means we cannot offer any more for the time being.

But, do not fear!  Continue to send in your applications; We’ll keep them on file until we have some cancellations and/or it’s the New Year and we’ll be looking for another bunch of enthusiastic people to join us!


Tell us your thoughts!

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