Winners Announced!

So, as you probably know we’ve had a competition for the last month.  All you had to do was send us a picture of something unopened, untouched or brand nu to win a rather dashing and fashionable t-shirt designed by our very own artist Brand Nu.

We’ve come to the conclusion that most jelly-lovers are not fans of anything new – or maybe just don’t wear t-shirts!  And although you didn’t all rush to enter our competition yourselves, we did have some rather awesome entries:

From Clare Gillmore @ The Viral Factory:

“Does a gorgeous bottle of minty Listerine count?  We’re saving it for our biggest pitch.”

From Johnny Watters @ Rapier:

“Thankfully I haven’t had to open this. YET!

ITEM: chaos

WARNING:  Chaos refers to unpredictability and is the antithetical concept of cosmos. In the event of a spill, spill control pillows can be purchased for absorbing chaos and other “disorder” related substances. Spills can also be neutralized with order.

NOTE: This product was prepared haphazardly.”

From Tarryn Blackwood @ The Youth Conspiracy:

“Unopened Sardine tin, next to the competition site!”

Thanks guys! We’ll be sending you and the others who entered a shirt very soon!!

Tell us your thoughts!

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