Fun Friday: Michaela Spotting!


Ah… yes, the blogmaster appears to have had her face appearing in various locations and posted on the world wide web. We’ve found some really embarrassing snaps and a video which she has tried to hide!

Firstly, she was caught hanging out at the latest Penguin new season launch party as one of the least fashionable members of society. Non-the less, a few champers and mini-hot dogs later she was dancing and having a great time. Surprisingly, she and her friends featured on both the Vice and Dazed image galleries.

Last weekend her and Chris the ginger boss joined in the London Skyride; where 60,000 people took to London’s streets to enjoy the ‘traffic free’ zone. We’ve found a few of the pictures from the Skyride website and added them to our flickr. But, if you’re better at spotting pink hair than we are, try your hand at finding her:

Last, but by no means least, you can see a rather entertaining video of her on the MTV Generation website under “Rewired”(the pink one). She was helping our friends at The Youth Conspiracy record a mini-document on the trends of today’s youth. Have a watch and tell us what you think… (we don’t think she’ll be taking a career in acting anytime soon!)

Tell us your thoughts!

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