Halloween Competition Winners!

The past week we’ve been holding a Halloween Design competition, where we’ve asked you – our friends – to design a Halloween-Themed Mr Jelly Pants. (No idea what we’re talking about? Click here)

This year has been the best response we’ve had so far for publicity and entries and we’d like to say thank you to everyone who had the time to enter! Let’s not forget everyone who forwarded the e-mail to their friends and re-tweeted our posts for entries. Thank you too!

The office has got a little heated with debate with who should win… hence why it’s taken us 4 hours to decide!!

The winner of our Halloween Competition was sent to us by illustrator Kareen Herbert! Our office instantly fell in love with this and she received the most votes in our office by a long-shot!!


She chose our Trick Prize – which means she’ll be receiving a lovely box of random stuff found around our office! (A sneak peek here!)

Our runners up were submitted by Glenn Maguire at Sparkle Media and Matt Poscha at Proximity London – well done to you both!!

second-Glenn_Maguire copy third_zombie-Matt_Poscha copy

All of our entries can be viewed on our Flickr page here

If you missed out on the chance to win, but still made – or would like to make – a Mr Jelly Pants, please send them in! We’d love to feature everyone’s versions of Mr Jelly Pants in our gallery.

All our current entrants and any we receive in the next few days will receive an Alison Carmichael Abandon Hope poster as a huge thank you from us at jelly – you’ve all put huge smiles on our faces :)

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Here are a few links related to our competition:
Jelly London Halloween Project
The Faces Of Hate
Evil Has a New Name
(please submit any we’ve missed out!)

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