There is! Seriously!


Skoda’s latest machine to rev out of their factory doors is called Yeti.  Archibald Ingall Stretton are in charge of their digital marketing and approached us a few weeks ago with a brief: The Yeti needed a more picture-book feel, to appeal to Mum’s.

Our Karen Cheung was perfect for the task!  She drew various illustrative parts and hand-painted them before sending them to AIS’s digital department for a breath of life.  There will be 3 pop-up-book-like digital banner campaigns featuring Karen’s fantastic artwork.

We’re excited to show the first has just gone live – go to: http://www.whatcar.com/Search/yeti/ and pull on the tabs!

Added 2nd December ’09: We’re really excited that AIS have put together an “Award Video” for the Skoda Yeti project – this means Karen Cheung could receive an award for her fantastic artwork. Yipee!  To see the video, please go to http://www.aislondon.com/skodayeti.

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