Brand Nu is launching Book #THREE

The latest publication of work by our artist Brand Nu, launches with an exclusive viewing at Barrio Central tonight.

An eclectic collection of commercial and experimental work, Book #THREE is a visual tour of the use of creative re-touching, vector illustration and art direction to inspire and transform everything from leading world brands to inanimate objects.

A limited edition of 1,000 copies, #Book THREE will be available from for £11.99 from 26th April 2010.

Produced to give inspiration to all, from household names to niche businesses and upcoming designers alike, work is demonstrated across a range of media including outdoor posters, to magazine covers and online.

A collection of work created over the last 18 months, Book #THREE is an exciting portrait of the mature artist Brand Nu has become – able to transform any image, product or campaign, with fluid beauty, raw edge and vibrant colour.

The book also contains several self-initiated experiments, unpublished elsewhere, which show the passion and excitement that Brand Nu applies to seeking new techniques to add to his ever expanding creative arsenal.

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