jelly house needs YOU!

Hello! Happy Monday!!

If you’re an artist and LOVE the work jelly does, this is your opportunity to join the team!

jelly not only represent a bunch of insanely talented artists for their unique styles; but also have a team of studio artists known as “jelly house”.  The jelly house team are BY FAR the busiest artists on our roster.

Surprised? Well, in the commercial art world, you frequently need a reliable team of artists who can meet tight deadlines, adapt to any style, and just save the day.  We’ve told you previously about our superhero, Tony Wilson and all the awesome work he’s done for us over the years!  Well, we need a few more multi-talented, enthusiastic illustrators to work alongside him.

What are we looking for? We’re looking for artists who can produce a range of existing styles; the key word is adaptability!

Interested? Ok, before you get in touch.  Firstly, go to our website and have a look at jelly house.

Think you can match that?  E-mail Hulya ( with your details and a link to your website or blog, or submit a portfolio which has examples of your full artistic range.

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