Only LUNATICS do The Mighty Mongol Rally…

… so it only seems right that one of our very own artists is taking on the challenge. Aah.

This coming Saturday, 24th July, Neil Duerden and Matthew Hirst will be in Goodwood for the launch of this year’s Mongol Rally – where dodgy bangers take to Europe on an “unplanned” route adventure to Mongolia and only 4 weeks to do it in.

According to the website: “You only start having fun when you break down in the desert with only a short stick and some chewing gum to fix your car. If your automobile completely lets you down and all else fails… you may be able to get to Mongolia by scabbing a lift from other cars. However, you are supposed to be on an adventure not in a nursery class so if the sky does fall on your head, prop it up with a windscreen wiper and carry on…. We don’t guarantee your arrival at the finish line, or your safety, but of course, that is what makes it an adventure.”

… I don’t think we’ll be joining him!!

At the end of the day, the entire event is in the name of charity and each team needs to raise a minimum of £1k – it looks like Neil & Matt are a little behind on funds so please donate via their Just Giving page.

If you want to keep up-to-date with their progress, they will be keeping a blog of their travels on the Mongol Rally website – all the best of luck guys!!

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