New Artist: Steven Bonner!

Good morning!  We hope you all had a lovely relaxing weekend!

We have another, really exciting announcement to make!  We can confirm that the brilliant lettering artist, Steven Bonner, has joined our roster.

We absolutely love his style of work which has featured all over the place (Cineworld/Coca-Cola, Contagious Magazine, EA Games, Shortlist, Urban Outfitters & Computer Arts Magazine to name only a few…)

“Steven Bonner is an illustrator based in Stirling, Scotland.

His work is quickly gaining a reputation for quality and is reflective of a love of lettering, shape and line. It’s graphic leanings ensure its versatility across a wide range of applications including editorial, advertising, apparel and packaging, and has been used in print, motion graphics, video and online. ”

We can’t wait for him to get his teeth sunk into one of our projects!!

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