New by Steve Scott: Badalona, City of Culture

Our fantastic, psychadelic illustrator Steve Scott got in touch with us lately with his most recent project in Spain.  He’s drawn this illustration for the arrival of the new cinema in 2010’s Capital of Catalan Culture, Badalona.  A little bit more about this:

“In 2010 the city of Badalona (Barcelona) will be the Catalan capital city of Culture, and due to this reason we thought that it would be interesting to bring together the national and international graphic design authorities.

The project is about to generate a printed canvas 200 x 2 meters, which will tell in a graphic story, the most important historical moments in the city of Badalona and its most famous characters.

All this work of history will be made jointly with a historian of the city, which at the time of perform the piece, each studio or artist involved will be provided of a briefing for the graphic development (each participant will have 2 meters of the total size).

After being exposed in Badalona city, this canvas will be traveling by the countries of the studios involved in this project and will be exhibited in cultural centers or museums in their respective cities.”

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