You are invited to join jelly at the royal unveiling of the R.S.V.P.H.R.H. exhibition.


In two weeks time there’s a fantastic exhibition taking place at The Rag Factory!

Creative team, Nick Pringle & Clark Edwards approached a selection of Europe’s most exciting visual artists, including jelly’s Alison Carmichael and Timba Smits, to design an alternative invite for the royal wedding.

Other contributors include: Aniela Murphy, Animals of Death, Andy Smith, Billie Jean, Craig Ward, Crispin Finn, David Stewart, David Wilson, Ed James, Jesse Auersalo, Kristofer Strom, Kyle Bean, Melvin Galapon, Mark Polyblank, Richard Hogg, Shaw and Shaw, Si Scott Studio, Village Green Studio and Zara Wood (plus more!)

Their artwork is being printed as we speak, and will be on display on the 7th April. Not only will there be incredible artwork, there will also be music from the Royal Organ Duo, as well as an alternative Royal Wedding Cake by The Pommer de Franc Cake Society.

RSVP at – rsvphrh@gmail.com to go on the guest list or find our more on their Facebook event page.

via jelly | R.S.V.P.H.R.H..

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