One Thousand Origami Cranes

A selection of our artists, including Matt Lyon, Sandra Suy and Neil Duerden, were asked to create beautiful designs that can be made into origami cranes for the One Thousand Cranes campaign.

Sandra Suy Japan

The campaign, lead by Anomaly UK, aims for a thousand will take part in folding and then placing their crane somewhere prominent so that it might inspire others to also focus their intent and devotion toward those affected by the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.

For each donation to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund you can download a design with instructions on how to make a crane. Currently only 584 cranes have been folded – let’s see if we can push this to 1000!!

Visit the One Thousand Origami Cranes website and get donating! When you have folded your crane, add a photo of it to the ‘Paper Cranes For Japan’ Facebook group. If you take a photo with Instagram please tag them with #1000cranes

via jelly | One Thousand Origami Cranes.

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