Brand Nu – The West End Show Exhibition

The West End Show by Brand Nu
Nancy Victor Gallery, Fitzrovia
February 2nd to March 2nd, 2012

Don’t miss this gallery exhibition by Radim Malinic (AKA Brand Nu) set to open in London this week!

Brand Nu – The West End Show Exhibition

Inspired by his love for the capital city – and intrigue in the real life musical that is London’s West End – Malinic explores its magic and energy through a series of elaborately illustrated poster designs, bringing together classic 18th century design with the dazzling neon future of the 22nd century.

Through a combination of bold typography, illustration and poetry, each piece tells the delicate story of classic design over-shadowed by the limitless offerings of this exciting city.

‘The West End Show’ offers an inspiring touch of nostalgia for the frenetic capital resident or visitor, featuring 10 pieces, each dedicated to one area of the West End – visit our website for a sneak preview of Holborn!

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