Food Therapy is Jessica’s Recipe

Healthy eating is no longer just a trend – it is fast becoming a mindset that everyone is oh-so-conscious of. So, Jessica’s Recipe Bag have taken the tasty step to help busy people shop from home economically with taste & freshness covered off in one neat click. Foodie-shoppers can pick their favourite recipes & get the ingredients delivered to their door – wasting nothing including their time which means more minutes of fun in the kitchen.

Food Therapy is Jessica's Recipe

Founder, Chris Persson asked jelly to create an animated short to simply describe the product & the process to both new & existing customers. As a start-up there was, of course, limited time & budget so James Lancett focused primarily on the artworking phase for this project to develop a style for the brand before animating this on-line clip. The characters are both familiar & endearing at home with cosy lighting which we think adds a glimpse of nostalgia to the idea of eating at home – together. Thank you to Jessica.

via Food Therapy is Jessica’s Recipe | blog | jelly motion | jelly.


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