It’s been too long Job, Joris and Marieke!

Job, Joris & Marieke have applied their uncanny style with some charming 3D characters to a music video, “Duurt te Lang” (Been too Long) by Dutch hip-hop artist Fit.

it's been too long job, joris and marieke!

Their fine 3D work has today featured on StashMediaTV! Here is what Job, Joris & Marieke have said about the piece… “So we had the song about a relationship that’s been going on far too long, it should have finished a long while ago but neither of them can let go, so they get stuck with each other.”

They chose to explore the ongoing domestic between the characters yet with their time constraints, (as in – they did not have time to animate the creatures fighting for a whole three minutes…) they decided to create the song in slow motion. This makes the piece more dramatic and intense. We like it and so do Stash Media!

via It’s been too long Job, Joris and Marieke! | blog | jelly motion | jelly.


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