The future of advertising…in one afternoon

Jelly owner, Chris Page, with over 20 years’ experience in the business, joined other Advertisers Producers Association (APA) members in the Future of Advertising debate, which was hosted at BAFTA. This event related to the collaborative ‘creative industry’ learning and sharing delegation trip to Silicon Valley back in March.

the future of advertising... in one afternoon

It was an incredibly eye-opening afternoon. As key speakers from diverse and niche areas within the creative sectors spoke, it became clearer that there is no one simple answer to the future of advertising, rather there are many evolving advances in technology which are directly affecting consumer habits and whether we like it or not, mobile optimisation (all content needs to be suitable for mobile interaction), tracking data (data is fundamental to measuring campaign success rates and many agencies and brands live by their analytics stats) and finally, dual screen engagement (one TV screen is no longer enough, consumers want to research, share and interact on their second tablet or mobile screen today) cannot, and must not, be ignored.

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