Jelly London do Cannes in STYLE

Charlie’s Cannes Diary:

Monday: As soon as my suitcase was in the room, I was out looking for the massive boys to go for dinner. Had a LOVELY evening in the old town with some wine, then out for some CWAAAZZY music at the young Dutch creative party – think Tetris and dub-step, what more can I say?!

jelly london do cannes in style

Tuesday: Was locked in a basement room with YDA judges reviewing and debating the work… I definitely made my point!!! Eeekkk… Some great work this year. Back to meet Pippa for a night at the Carlton! Probably one of the best stories I have ever heard was from Luke @Bigballs…

Wednesday: Working very hard at the LBB beach! Lunch and meeting some lovely people! Then with orders from Chris, grabbing some food for him before he rode in… there was cheering and whistles for the fireflies as they arrived at the Palais and the standard bottle of champagne spunked all over them… From there we went back to the flat showers and out to Rushes and the MASSSSSSSSSSSSIVE Music party. Was lovely to meet the infamous mother and daughter team at the party!!

Thursday: Nursing a hangover today, we headed out for some lunch and ‘networking’ on the beach. Went to the YDD ceremony, the Finger music party, then the SHOTS party and eventually found an out-of-place Black cab to take us to the gutter bar!

Voila – Oh dear… it’s light!!! Pippa and Charlie walk back to the sound of birdies… it’s been another fantastic year at Cannes, already looking forward to next year!! BRING IT ON!

Chris’ Cannes Diary:

Wednesday: Arrived in Cannes at 5.30pm, had to decompress quite quickly after coming down from the mountains that afternoon! After a quick wash and brush up and dinner it was off to the Plage Courage for the Rushes party, which was also the official exception party for the files, so saw plenty of staggering, tipsy cyclists who were very quickly intent on losing their ‘elite athletes’ tag. After that we emerged from there and made our way long the Croisette to the Massive Music Party – bone of the BIG events of the week – it’s quite a production! Music and lights were fantastic and we grooved our asses off, pausing only for a minute to belt out Africa’ by 80’s Poodle rockers, Toto – a bit of a moment. I then shuffled my broken legs home, leaving the girls to carry on partying.

jelly london do cannes in style

Thursday: We woke with sticky eyes and made our way out to a rather posh Brunch before chilling for a little while back on the Plage Courage, surrounded by the great and good of the Creative Industries. Pippa then hauled ass to the finger Music Party in a Villa out-of-town, to be greeted by a scene of some debauchery! Only one thing to do… Throw yourself into it! Meanwhile Charlie and I made our way to the YDA awards, meeting up with the lovely Steve from the APA on the way in… Saw some really great pieces of work by the world’s greatest young directors. The jelly team then reconvened at the apartment and got our glad rags on ready for the next big night out… Dinner first then drinks on the terrace at the Carlton before the big one – the Shots Party where everyone who’s anyone from the worldwide Production community was cavorting on the beach. Was that enough for us? NO, we then made our way to the gutter bar (by a commandeered black Cab, notch!) to keep the party rocking till dawn.

Friday morning? Nice Airport, home, coma.

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