Chris Page is off to Berlin to speak at Ciclope Festival

Our founder, Chris Page is off to Berlin to speak at Ciclope Festival – the only international festival fully dedicated to craft.

In case you are not lucky enough to be there, Chris has kindly written about what he learnt at the tech-crunch trip to Silicon Valley this summer with the A.P.A. and how this applies to craft and the creative industry…

chris page is off to berlin to speak at ciclope festival

“Hi All. I have been involved in illustration, animation, advertising and creative production in the UK since the early 90s. Throughout my career I’ve been interested in creativity, creative people and storytelling – and cycling…

…Big fan of cycling…

I’m not a big fan of job descriptions though. People who run production companies can call themselves EPs, Founders, Creative Directors or something similar, but the main role for someone who runs businesses like ours is as a “Translator” – a bridge of communication between the harsh facts, economics and the practicalities of marketing people/clients on one side and the whims and fantasies of Creatives on the other.

I’m involved in two studios. The first is Three Blind Mice, a studio that specialises in storyboards, animatics and pre-vis work for production companies, agencies and anyone who needs it. The second studio is jelly, a design-led creative production studio that represents global illustration and animation talent here in London. Continue reading…

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