We Are Human Inclusive Design with jelly

We wanted to know more about what makes forward-thinking agency, We Are Human more human in the age digital design. So we asked Jamie Brooker, the Co-Founder and Creative Director, more about his vision…

we are human inclusive design with jelly

We understand that We Are Human was created a reaction to the traditional advertising structure. Can you tell us a bit more about it?
It was more personal than that. It was more a collective reaction by both myself and Johan to the type of work we’ve done in the past – which was often traditional communications or marketing for large brands – as we felt we could use our knowledge and creativity to have more impact on people’s lives, through design thinking. Either by designing products or businesses that instigate amazing or valuable experiences, sharing our philosophy and processes through teaching and speaking, or investing in ideas we truly believe in by helping make them happen.

You could say We Are Human is platform which enables us to do what we want to do, constantly improve ourselves by trying new things and surrounding ourselves with talented people with complimentary skills, and in sectors we want to impact; primarily education and health.

How do you feel that you can improve people’s lives through design?
I think having a design philosophy is what sets great products apart. By truly understanding people, their culture, their context and of course how technology impacts that, we can apply design thinking to real-world scenarios, and try to instigate change for the better. Understanding individual behaviour and applying design to them can create positive habits which enrich people’s lives. This understanding is fundamental to designing “disruptive” products, but also a design philosophy and culture is about having the correct methodologies and processes in place to make it happen. Having great ideas is often the easy part!

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