Gone but not Forgotten

We are, of course, talking about Valentines Day.

Way back when (17 days ago, to be precise) we set up a competition for all you budding poets to join us for a sonnet in order to win their face “Weighillised”.

We had a few fantastic entries, most just too rude to show you (especially those boys and girls at Hello You Creatives!!)

We did have a winner – a young mister Tom Cleeland (AKA the Cool Commentator) sent us his short but sweet poem:

If you love me and want me to know
don’t put on a flowery show
put on clean undies and the telly
and share with me a bowl of jelly!

Damien Weighill: “I started off trying to dress him up as a valentines whore but he ended up closer to a crazed serial killer clown – all’s well that ends well”

Well done, boys! Here’s Tom’s portrait in it’s full glory!

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